Calm Chaos


After weeks and weeks of decorators in and outside, I now have two clutter free nicely decorated bedrooms which are a joy to walk into.

In fact, I could well move in to either pending Prodigal Son’s and Eldest Daughter’s returns. I love empty rooms. I once lived for 18 months in a bare studio flat in Paris with a piano, two cushions, a duvet and a mini fridge. It was blissful.

Unfortunately, there is a counterpoint to the calm emptiness of the two rooms. The disaster zone on the landing where all books and clothes have been temporarily stored. It looks like an alien invasion.

I have been walking through this mess for the weeks and weeks of decorating activity, quite happy because there was no point feeling overwhelmed by something I could do nothing about. But all that has changed. Now I have to face this chaos, these piles, and get everything back.

Or maybe not. I’m still a Flylady follower. And I like to see the positive in every negative situation. And it’s much easier to take back in only that stuff which should go back in. I feel a bit bad that it’s going to be me making these decisions about what’s to go and what’s to stay. But honestly: will any of it really be missed?

So I will quietly engage on a massive decluttering exercise -yet another one, as far as these rooms are concerned- and try to retain that zen-like calm currently prevailing behind closed doors.


2 responses to Calm Chaos

  1. Having sold a house in France and moved into a smaller one we had not quite finished renovating, I feel for you with everything stack in a corridor. We have a lovely balcony. Full of spares bits of wood, boxes, bags, a door, and anything else we that can be outside. Because inside is also full of extras we have not yet found a home for. Three bedrooms, only one of which can really be called usable. And an office in our bedroom. Living the dream, 🙂


    • gillianholding – Author

      That really made me laugh, Jim, though I know it isn’t really funny. Why do we do this to ourselves? I’ve been decluttering now for six solid months and I still have a landing full of stuff!

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