Infinite Colour


I’m going through a phase of making colour notes using my phone camera. Who would have thought a few years ago that such a thing would be possible?

I’ve always had a great colour memory. It might have been more useful in life to have had a brilliant memory for names or faces or the titles or words to songs or who starred in which film. But no. I was given colour memory, which is much more of a nuisance than you might imagine.

I remember nuance of colour which others can’t even see. This drives me mad occasionally. Having decorated Eldest Daughter’s bedroom in a sort of Anne of Green Gables meets France type style (a very subtle grey-green), I was accompanied by Himself yesterday to find a rug. I could tell with a single sweeping glance of the showrooms we went into that there was nothing suitable. Himself, though, was not inhibited from pointing out strident full force greens and blues and even loud orange and reds as we made cursory tours of the piles on display.

Anyway. My phone colour notes, thanks to the sophistication of the Filterstorm app, are perfect renditions of colour combinations which catch my eye. The three ‘greens’ and two ‘greys’ above are a case in point. I was able to colour correct the viridian, and just the viridian, perfectly. All on my phone.

One of those days when I LOVE technology despite the adverse hold it has on my daily search for quiet and Slow.


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