More Wanderings


After my extended urban jogging-rambles of last week in Paris, I felt it was time to expand the dog’s horizons around and about Leeds.

Yesterday I did a 10k jaunt around the usual park route but extended the outing to a village out beyond the ring road. This morning I took advantage of having to emerge at break of day (to drop Middle Daughter off halfway to Harrogate) to do an even longer circuit through the local countryside around the Harewood House estate.

It was muddy. Very muddy. So muddy I worried a bit about our little runt of a dog drowning in mud.

There were also a lot of cows. And sheep. Standing looking threatening in that way they have when your feet are sucked and stuck in mud and no chance therefore of a speedy exit should the herd decide to come a bit closer. Even the dog kept quiet as we sneaked by.

And then came the sign I hadn’t seen before.


Now what was I expected to do on seeing this sign? Not enter the field? Adopt stag defence mode? What was stag defence mode? What, precisely, were stags capable of in order to warrant a warning notice?

I felt uneasy. The dog looked uneasy. We adopted hunter stance and crept through the stag territory. It was very exciting, and I was thrilled that the stags didn’t appear.

I think I need to get out a bit more.

I’m just too urban for some things.


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