The Art of Failure. Again.


Readers of my other daily blog (currently occupied with the topic of daily challenges to seek and embrace failure in order to create a platform for eventual success) will be very aware of much I enjoy a good encounter with the issue of risk, failure and creativity.

I recently read a review of a book by Tim Harford (pictured above) and was delighted to see it eventually arrive today. I read the review seemingly so long ago that I can’t remember precisely what made me think it would be a good read, but no matter: I’ve read and enjoyed other stuff he’s written, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

But I’m clearly not alone in my belief that not enough people in the world today recognise the importance of taking risk, and more particularly risking glorious failure, in pursuit of eventual success.

I’ve been very concerned in recent years to ensure my daughters understand this, because I’ve noticed over the years that females are much less happy to risk not getting something right. Yes, it’s a generalisation, but I stand by my observation.

So I was interested to hear of a girls’ school in the news recently for promoting a week of celebration of failure. The headmistress was interviewed about it on BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour and she spoke a lot of sense. I was cheering her on as I pootled along some country lane yesterday listening to the item.

I hope her girls appreciated the importance of what she has done for them with the instigation of a failure week.


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