Council of Perfection (II)


I do like a bit of pragmatism, especially where the local authority is concerned.

For 20 years I have been brainwashing the kids on the need to take personal responsibility for crossing roads, and never to assume, say, that the blinking green man is signalling that cars have actually stopped.

So I was delighted to spot this paternalistic bit of advice at a local junction, honestly acknowledging the uselessness of the No Turning Left sign.

Just a minor gripe should any council official care to take heed. The sign is duplicated on both sides of the junction from all directions. With the same wording. I’m quite good as knowing left from right, but I did have to work hard at analysing the likely approach trajectory of offending vehicles.

In the end I adopted my default mode. No traffic approaching from any direction, lawfully or unlawfully.

Safe to cross.


Respond to Council of Perfection (II)

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