Mad Meanderings

Woman with ponytail and Boden top with window wound down blasting out rap

I have mad moments wanting to make connections between different geographic locations relevant to my life. I have successfully and satisfyingly linked up all regular dog walk routes. Today I felt inspired to venture farther afield on foot and link up a disparate and eclectic range of Leeds locations.

Dressed sensibly for this surreal adventure in running gear with a backpack, I began by jogging in a north-westerly direction through the park, past my morning coffee haunts and through Dunroamin pleasant leafy suburbs up to the ring road.

Thence across to the Victorian splendours of North Headingley where I spotted the middle-class rapper blasting sound all around as she sat waiting for the lights to change.

At this point though, I was probably looking equally odd in my sports gear as I ran along the pavements. Luckily I was soon to start blending in as I turned south after 6 miles to approach the city via the university quarter. Black leggings of one sort or another were the leisurewear of choice for most of my encounters.

After a couple more miles it was back to looking odd as I breezed through the city centre stopping for a coffee in Harvey Nichols. Oops. Not many people looking like they’ve just done the Great North Run sitting sipping espressos in this part of town.

Next I headed back up north via a quiet road through areas scented with fried onions and curry and enhanced by buildings painted bright blues and reds. I darted past veiled women feeling conspicuous again.


The streets became narrower as I approached home. Back to the eclectic local architecture of inner city North Leeds.


And finally through a wood approaching my destination. The one and only time I looked appropriately dressed for the entire day.




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