Pastoral Suburbia


Where do you imagine you might encounter the scene pictured above?

In the heart of the countryside? A perfect pastoral setting? The grazing horse completes the image: peace and quiet and timeless.

I stumbled upon the scene entirely by accident, having decided to walk up a road parallel to the main route leading north out of the city centre. The north of Leeds city centre is full of incongruous and paradoxical sights which is why I enjoy exploring it so much, but even I was taken aback to see this view as I peered over and across an old wall.

Bang in the middle of an area of mixed post war housing, the church hides at the bottom of a small valley as though time were suspended a century ago.

These remnants of bygone times move me deeply and I don’t fully understand why.

Maybe it’s a psychological counterpoint to the impossible pace of change we have to deal with daily in contemporary life.


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