The Burden of Beauty


The beauty of heavy blossom is almost painful. One moment it’s not there at all; then there’s the joyful interlude of anticipation as the blossom buds ripen and burst; and then the all-too-brief intensity of the tree in full bloom.

The rest of the year, the tree remains a taunting reminder of what was and what will be. But for now, it is a more serious reminder of the importance of enjoying the here and now in life.


2 responses to The Burden of Beauty

  1. That really is an extraordinary photo – I had to look at it for several moments, not only because the blossom is so extravagant, but to work out where the trunk of the tree is. To begin with it looks as if all the flowers are simply floating in the air. Somehow, the more mundane and urban the surroundings, the more beautiful the trees look at this time of year.

    • gillianholding – Author

      I think the reality in the grim surroundings of barkston house was even more extraordinary. To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed there was a tree there until this week!

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