Sunny Leeds


What is this weather all about? Not just one day of pure blue and satisfying warmth. Not even just two, with that typical British closing in weather front after a few hours of continental clarity. No: we are now into the third day of summer clothes and lily white exposed skin.

I’m happy. After yesterday’s public transport jaunt where the only bit of serious sunshine received directly by my body was on a brisk run up and down Westbourne Grove, and during an eight minute interlude on a bench at Doncaster station.

So today work has been organized around the sunshine. An hour reading in full sun this morning and an hour in full sun this afternoon. As it happens, one side of my studio also benefits from full sun (as well as a view of Elland Road), but the intervening plate glass makes it rather less appealing on a hot day.

Given my cafe expertise, I have a complete knowledge of the best places in Leeds to catch the sun’s rays at any given hour of the day.

What really impresses me though on a day like today in early spring are those establishments who are ready and prepared with decent tables and chairs to greet hundreds of sun seeking diners. Where is the furniture stored in winter? What time do they start setting
up? How long does it take? And what about putting it all away again last thing at night?

This is, after all, oop North. It could be snowing tomorrow.


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      Are you reading from a mobile device? Oddly there appears to be no like button on the mobile version. There is one on the full version. I will see if I can do anything about this. But glad you like the blog and thanks for looking in!

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