Appealing Camellias


Long term readers may recall the agony last year of the tree massacre in my road. At the time, I optimistically told myself there would be a bright side (not least in a very literal sense) to the felling of the leafy green canopy which provided atmospheric gloom to the street even on the sunniest of days.

It wasn’t too bad last year, I must admit. Enough trees survived for the avenue to retain its essential character, but it is only now with the arrival of spring 2012 that the real floral benefits become apparent.

A struggling camellia has, for instance, become the star of the garden. Camellia is one of those plants I get very envious of when I see it flourishing elsewhere. It is nice to be rid of camellia envy this year.

And then the euphorbia; a splendid blaze of acid yellow nicely complements the magenta of the camellia.

And needless to say a whole batch of perennials meant to be happy in shade but clearly much happier in sunlight have rewarded years of patience with an outburst of colour.

Gardening is truly four dimensional art.


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