Connect-ability inability


I rely on my phone far too much. Even with my endeavours of recent months to develop more sustainable online/offline habits (meaning much less online), I’m still far too over dependent on the phone when I’m out and about and especially when I’m abroad.

In the past this has meant having to seek out free wifi spots to avoid bankruptcy from data roaming charges. And in the past this has meant lurking in cafes overdosing on espressos unless it’s one of those establishments where you can linger for hours with one empty cup.

But I haven’t been able to do that this week. My training regime since new year has gone so well that I don’t want to reintroduce undesirable habits by tapping on the phone every time I sit down. And besides, whenever I have had connection, I’ve been working seriously hard on the laptop having been recently prompted to get my online presence and online artwork properly and logically organized.

The result has been that I have been unable to communicate whilst on the move to any large extent with any form of social media for quite a few days.

I have a stack of photos on the phone I’ve been unable to upload to the blog, feed to Facebook or tweet to the world. It’s driving me mad.

And all because even if I’m prepared to risk roaming charges for the little time it takes, my 3G connection is so impossibly slow these days that I’m ready to chuck the phone in the nearest canal with frustration.

There was a golden era a few years ago when free wifi was literally freely available everywhere before everyone began coding or charging. I could jam my laptop in a corner anywhere and pick up all sorts of connection possibilities without even paying for a coffee. And in those days, 3G worked like a dream too.

Progress backwards. Addicted to a device I can hardly use at the moment.

So this morning I’m breaking my own rules about tapping in cafes. Up with the lark, out with the street cleaners, in search of early morning espresso AND wifi just to post this and explain my AWOL of this past week.

Normal service to be resumed next Monday.


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