Big skies near York


Driving back from York to Leeds last weekend, I got lost. Pretty unbelievable, really. I wasn’t actually lost in the sense of I had no idea where I was. There were enough sunbeams in the air for me to know roughly in which direction to point the car. But daydreaming at a crucial junction, I missed my turning and ended up south of the main A64 route and traveling unfamiliar country lanes.

It was absolutely worth it. Big skies, passionate cloudbursts and lush greenery abounded. A couple of times I slowed the car, pulled over and sat admiring the views. You can’t do that on the A64.

Gazing at the scene shown above, I was reminded of a nineteenth century French landscape: the vertical pines standing to attention and leading the eye along the road.

It’s good to get lost from time to time.


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