Surreal Snippets (Genuinely G)

I had a frustrating connectivity day yesterday. I’m sorry to say I had a Twitter rant about it. When I could connect, that is.

And I was wasting available connectivity in moaning rather than tweeting a couple of surreal noteworthy facts perfect for a microblog. So I’ve decided to post here instead. And why not? Life and Art can be a microblog if I want it to be…

So whilst I’m at it with posting random bits, I’ll also post a tweet found lingering in my Drafts box due to connectivity issues a couple of months ago. There were a number of tweets festering in Drafts. I’d deleted all but one before I cleverly thought of recycling here.

Tweets by their nature are usually time/season sensitive. Some of my wittiest and best tweets have never seen the light of day thanks to my useless service provider and feeble 3G and weak wifi. I find them weeks later, sadly sitting there, unseen, unread, but the moment is past and gone.

Until today.

Random fact Number One:
On Himself’s fiftieth birthday the other day, he discovered he had 1,962 emails in his inbox.

Random Fact Number Two:
Whilst visiting Blankenberge (see yesterday’s post) a Belgian seaside resort we had never heard of prior to seeing a local map, Himself received an unplanned unexpected call from a Mrs Blankenberg.

Unseasonal Tweet:
In the greater scheme of yellow, rapeseed is about as low as it gets.



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