I’ve started a new blogging venture this week. A joint family blog and I have no idea how it will work. Most of the contributors are procrastinating perfectionists who will find it a challenge to press “send”. I remember that state of mind all too well. Added challenges will be not interfering. I’ve promised not to touch anyone’s efforts. We stand or fall by the combined whole. And to avoid me falling, Life and Art will comprise reblogs of my posts mostly for the next month. Wish us luck!

A Chevy for Six, Please

We found our way from airport to downtown. The rush hour traffic ensured we had ample time to study the map and make lane decisions well in advance. R has learned that Stephen King monster trucks always have right of way even when you ahead of them on the highway, and our ridiculously oversized but comfortable Chevy gives us a degree of force compared with most other road users.

Give us a couple more days and no doubt we’ll be accustomed to increased size in every aspect of our lives.

We ordered a couple of appetisers last night which were delicious but which individually exceeded the normal portion size of a main course. Given the excessive parking costs for our excessive means of transport, future budgeting strategy may involve ordering one appetiser for six.

Our hotel rooms have the dimensions of the yachts inspiring their decor. We get plenty of…

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