A Chevy for Six, Please


Always one for seeking a radically different view on any situation, place or encounter, I began this trip with a determinedly psychogeographical approach. Put bluntly, i was still in work mode, because hey, Art is Life and Life is Art. Except when it’s not, and more particularly when pootling around new cities in a family of six.

Flânerie is necessarily a solitary activity, and quite rightly so. No consensus is ever likely to emerge on a suggestion that we meander off to the right up a 70 degree hill for the hell of it to see where it goes and what happens. And no holiday itinerary, however generous, allows for days of unplanned nothingness to get under the skin of things and experience the unfamiliarity of the familiar.

I tend to forget all this very easily indeed. Third day in, and I’m wishing I had taken a more conventional look…

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