A Chevy for Six, Please

The Caffe del Arte, Beverly Hills

There are a couple of tried-and-tested ways to get under the skin of a place when you have relatively limited time available. Our favoured approach is to do all the stuff we do at home as much as possible: except do it in the unfamiliar/exotic location.

A good starting point is the morning run/jog/walk (albeit without dog). Nothing is more enticing than a morning exercise outing in a new place. It allows for a few extra hours of sightseeing, usually along with glimpses of the locals at play. For example, mass public park exercises in China, gentle strolls around a central reservation in India (avoiding the cow) and tai chi in Paris were all interesting experiences. But oddly in body-conscious Beverly Hills, I hardly saw anyone out jogging. Perhaps they were all working out indoors or in the local country club to avoid messing…

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