Too Organised And Frantic

After my breakthrough post last Tuesday proving I was actually still alive in blog land, I reverted to form over the last week, but with reason.

I have a to do list with 22 items. Some of these items comprise multiple tasks. A few are banal and trivial in my current worldview (finding someone to sort a leak) but will come back to haunt me if I don’t tackle them urgently (finding someone to sort a leak).

The to do list of 22 items is but a distillation of a much greater set of lists created and scored through this last fortnight. Lists of actions by set dates. Lists for packing stuff. Time charts. A sort of reverse engineering of my entire professional and domestic life working back from 5pm this Thursday.

Because 5pm this Thursday is the start of The Other Art Fair in London. I’d heard interesting and very positive reports of this artist-led fair when I applied, and was very pleased when I was selected. But the logistical enormity of sorting and running an individual stand at this sort of event had yet to hit me.

Of course I’ve done shows before. But not quite the same as this. In group shows, there’s a pile of people all mucking in and helping out and taking responsibility for different aspects. In solo shows, there are always a couple of professionals on hand to assist with setting up, layout, even tables and chairs in the space.

I have to say, the administrative and organizational support of the TOAF team has been superb. Extremely professional and helpful. But as far as my little area goes, it’s all up to me.

Finishing, presenting, selecting and hanging the art is the least of it in list terms. Assessing the cubic capacity of a family car (fingers crossed it all fits) and remembering to pack my drill, bits, and chuck key lack any rational connection, and the only way to make sure it all gets remembered is to actually stop the car, pull over, and add the latest item as soon as I think of it.

I pulled over three times in Wellington Street yesterday afternoon whilst driving along in a particularly productive free-associative state.

I wish to publicly declare grateful thanks to my friend Rowena for allowing me to scrub item 16 from the list yesterday: acquisition of small storage cupboard from Ikea. That substantial deletion has created a bit of space to (a) sit and have a coffee and post this and (b) revise and prepare the final fully integrated Countdown List complete with backstop times and resin cure considerations.

If you’re in London this weekend, do come along and say hi! #theotherartfair has something for everyone!



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