Perfectly Pitched Pitch Perfect


A few days ago Youngest Daughter persuaded her sister and me to take her to see Pitch Perfect recently released in UK cinemas. I hadn’t heard anything about the film, but hearing that even x’s mum and dad had ‘loved it’, I was happy to lay down tools and act as chauffeur, junk food provider, and ticket purchaser.

All I can say is: Wow.

And I took no persuading to go and see it a second time yesterday with Prodigal Daughter and Himself. Oh, and the other two girls of course. This is a film that calls for repeated viewing, not because (in the manner of Inception-type drama) it’s actually impossible to understand the plot first time around (and I’m assured by the kids that this is a deliberate tactic these days on the part of producers and directors to encourage multiple viewings of new films) but because the script and performances are so deliciously multi-layered and superbly crafted that a single viewing is just not enough.

Who would have thought a light-hearted story about a college a Capella group competition could have provided such worthwhile entertainment?

It’s one of those films where you emerge and just want to call out and swap great lines. Where you want to discuss in depth nearly every character. Where you play a game identifying ironic takes on different genres of teenage filmdom. Each scene is gleefully replayed in conversation, and each subtlety and nuance of performance dissected with delight. The absolute worst thing would have been to go and see this film by yourself and have no one to laugh about with afterwards.

I’m not going to reveal any of the magical moments.

I’m just going to say: find as many friends as you can and go and see it and laugh all the way home. Then do the same a few days later.


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