Woolgather’s Art Vend


When someone from Woolgather enthusiastically invites you to participate in the latest @WoolgatherArt initiative, it’s really really impossible to say no. Even when you’re off on a big trip somewhere and have two shows happening imminently.

So last weekend saw me manically folding origami lotuses for Art Vend, which looks to reach out to a new brand of contemporary art consumer willing to drop a £1 coin in the slot of a vending machine and in return grab a capsule full of contemporary art cheer.


Art Vend launched on Monday night to great excitement. There’s a brilliant new website for Woolgather which I’d love to link to here but my phone is struggling to find it. I recommend trying though, not least for a Pythonesque coin sequence.


I was thrilled to see someone actually pull one of my capsules from a vending machine on Monday night. Above you can see his uncontainable joy and glee at the prospect of opening his purchase.


Naturally my own little effort contains adequate Warning instructions and points out the consequences of risky decision making in unfolding/not unfolding the artwork. In these H&S conscious days, I could do no less. The Art Vend collector above looked as though he was taking this Very Seriously Indeed which is a Good Thing.


So keep your eyes peeled for Art Vend when you’re put and about. There’s great stuff in them there capsules.


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