The Modern Era of Train Travel


I’ve not blogged for weeks about the trivia of my daily life because I’ve had A Serious Matter to deal with: ridding my psyche of all-or-nothingness.

All-or-nothingness manifests itself in many things I do, and I concluded recently that it has never, ever served me well. Housework, diet, career and exercise have all at various times suffered fall-out from the nothingness resulting from incapacity to do it all, follow the rules, achieve perfection.

In social media exchange, it takes the form of “Oh, I’ve not done anything on Twitter for weeks so there’s no point in trying to catch up now.” Or, “I do unique original content posts in my blog, so there’s no point in reblogging that article by x.” Or, “This is my writing blog so I’m not going to post a photo with a one liner next to it.”

There’s one simple response to any of this rubbish thinking.

Why not?

Whatever’s wrong with doing something differently or breaking some ridiculous self-imposed rule? Just jumping in where I’m at? Or challenging some conventional received wisdom on the frequency and content of tweets? Would the world end?

Which brings me to today’s post, intended to be a simple photo with a one-liner, but I’m into my stride now so I can provide a bit of context.

I’m on a flying visit day trip down to London which has entailed me getting out of bed at 4.45am, and which will see me returning home in the early hours of tomorrow morning. After two days of heat and sunshine, I have been tricked at dawn yet again by my British optimism into thinking it is indeed summer and dressing accordingly, only to find grey clouds blanketing the North of England. And I arrived at the station to find my First Class ticket upgrade is for the return part of the journey when I plan to be asleep, rather than for the outward trip where I was greatly looking forward to breakfast served at my seat.

But as I sit here, chilled and hungry and half asleep, I can but marvel at my East Coast train, a miracle of technological waste-not, want-not. The welding seam presumably running down the centre line of the carriage is completely invisible. I’m in awe of the executives running this business who are determined to show the customer visible cost savings.

Bet this one though wasn’t travelling the length and breadth of the country during last year’s Olympics.


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