Wintry Summers


After yesterday’s seasonal sartorial fiasco, there was no chance of me getting caught out freezing this morning when I glimpsed the overcast morning grey.

I didn’t have to dig too deep to find a woollen dress and tights, since naturally I’d been dressing warmly intermittently throughout our wintry dismal May. I nearly found a woollen scarf to complete the outfit but with midsummer on the horizon, and the ambient light (if not the temperature) that of June, I bravely decided to risk going without.

Later on, bundled up in the studio, I heard the distant chimes of an ice cream van. “What madness!” I chuckled to myself. “What idiot drives around a deserted industrial estate on a freezing summer day to try and sell ice cream?”

What do you know? I was so bundled up, I’d failed to see blue sky, and the local working population was drawn en masse like extras in The Day The Earth Stood Still to indulge in an ice-cold treat.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll get it right.


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