Sartorial Elegance

I’m on an outing roll at present. It must mean it’s the height of the summer holidays. I’ve given up all hope of studio work, and simply devote myself now to Family Needs.

This week sees a particularly important diary commitment: Himself’s birthday. Always a good reason to travel somewhere interesting without pandering to the needs of under-25s. The under-25s are dispersed throughout the length and breadth of the UK, and we have escaped for a couple of days rambling in the Lake District fortified by some excellent eating out in the minuscule town of Cartmel.

Naturally, gourmet dining in upscale establishments calls for reasonable dress. But it’s such hassle to have to combine elegance with walking gear. Packing a huge case for a couple of days just seems wrong.

So Himself has found the solution. Rambling through the Lakeland fields and sidestepping cowpats dressed in a lightweight seersucker suit and comfy stylish brogues, he segues effortlessly into restaurant-mode for the evening meal.

Of course, if he’d read the walk directions carefully he might have realised that we were not on a 2-mile urban stroll around North Leeds, but then so many walkers would have been deprived of a real-life The Meeting or Bonjour Monsieur Courbet.

I can say this though. It was almost as funny as washing hands in the public conveniences in Goole.


One response to Sartorial Elegance

  1. Funny. The people you encountered en route must have thought they’d wandered into a Merchant Ivory set.

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