Rainy Distractions


One massive advantage of rain is that it forces you off the beach into alternative tourist attractions you might otherwise miss in the attempts to develop a safe golden tan, a cognitively dissonant challenge these days.

I asked Middle Daughter if there was anything she particularly fancied doing in tourist terms given the weather limitations.

She fell silent in deep thought. “What I’d really like to do is see something of the real Mauritius,” she eventually offered.

Music to my ears. Dear child, I thought fondly. Visions of poking around the nearest bidonville and driving past rainswept sugar cane harvesters popped into my head.

“Yes,” she continued. “Can we go to a supermarket?”

Not quite what i had in mind but still music to my ears and clearly I’ve been very successful in brainwashing them in regarding supermarkets as deep and meaningful way of understanding local cultures.

I had underestimated though the global reach of consumerism and the extent of consumer consumption activity development on an island such as Mauritius. I expected very basic. I was very wrong.

Our hosts kindly drove us through driving rain to not one but two massive marble shopping shrines. One was deserted. But the other, the recently opened glitzy Bagatelle Mall, was where the whole island seemed to congregate in inclement weather.

You need never feel far from home these days.




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