Crimestoppers: Who is this??

Last night as I was partying away the evening a few miles down the road, some opportunistic b*^%#*+ (caught above on our home CCTV) jimmied out a window pane at the side of the house, entered our kitchen, and helped himself to a couple of laptops, a purse and some money.

In a few days, I’ll no doubt get calls from Victim Support and the local
Crime Prevention officer.


In the meantime, I’m trying hard to count my blessings (no one hurt, dog safe, no real damage, etc. etc.) whilst facing the fact that my artwork for Leeds Light Night in two weeks’ time and images needed for work for a show mid-October have disappeared with the laptop.


This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened to me. I have a series of hard-drive backups and cloud backups and an automatic erase function the moment anyone tries to go online with my laptop. I’d love to get the notification through Find My Mac to enable the local police force to carry out a recovery raid, but I’m pessimistic about it happening.

Anyway, instead of ill-wishing the perpetrator, I decided to tackle my negative feelings with positive action this afternoon.

I went and bought books on meditation and the Tao, and sat drinking a Dirty Mohito in Harvey Nichols well before sundown. And I’m tweeting the b%^#*%’s picture. Stainbeck police station, Leeds, should anyone recognise him!



2 responses to Crimestoppers: Who is this??

  1. Oh nooooo, I’m so sorry that happened. I hope all can be retrieved. And keep up the positive attitude – for your sake, mind you – so much healthier… Good luck!!

    • Gillian – Author

      Thanks Nathalie! I’m feeling much better today; spent all yesterday re-doing work for the event next week, and I’m hoping my last major back up was more recent than I remember, and maybe there’s stuff on iCloud. Haven’t dared look yet!!

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