The Choice Delusion

20131109-131010.jpgThe scene: a queue in front of the freshly baked goods counter of Caffe Nero, MacArthur Glen Outlet, York

Lady 1 Well, I do like these (brandishing panettone classico)… They’re a mix of bread and cake, well sort of toasted tea cake, but not quite, more cakey, I do like it toasted, with butter, yes… Very nice.. Yes, sort of inbetween toasted teacake and cake, in the middle, you know? Very nice. I like it toasted. With butter. Yes, buttered and hot. Lovely…

Lady 2 Mmmm. Yes. I fancy something toasted. What do you think? (turns to L3) One of those? Shall we share?

Lady 1 Well, they’re very tasty. They’re a bit, bit like a teacake, I suppose. Not quite though. Italian. I must say, they’re very good toasted with butter…

Lady 3 Yes, a toasted something, I think. Yes. (picks up panettone Classico and stares at it doubtfully) Well, I do rather fancy something now. Quite hungry, in fact.

Lady 2 Ooh, what about this? A cheese toastie! Shall we have this? Yes, I think this would be nice. Toasted. Lovely! Yes!

Lady 3 Er, maybe, yes, why not? And what about something sweet? A scone? Shall we share? Those look nice! I think we should share one, don’t you? Shall I get one? (to counter assistant) Can I have a scone, and this? Just butter, thanks. And tea. Two teas. No, sorry, a tea and a latte. Yes, toasted. No, no jam. No, thank you. Well, alright! Go on, maybe some jam, then. Yes, it is the weekend, isn’t it? Yes, jam would be lovely! Why not?

I order my espresso


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