Christmas Cheer and Kippax

‘Tis the season to be jolly and traipse around an interminable number of pre-Christmas entertainments performed by large numbers of enthusiastic children.

To be fair, I traipse around far fewer than I once did. The manic round of nativity productions and carol concerts involving four children across a wide age range has now been reduced to just one glorious Nine Lessons special and a few motley musical add-ons.

One such add-on was at The Leeds Minster the other night. Youngest Daughter was scheduled to appear on the double bass in a string ensemble as part of an eclectic seasonal fund-raising effort alongside a number of unknown local celebrities from local tv, ex-Blackpool Pleasure Beach entertainers, a group of West Yorkshire Scottish émigré Highland pipers in full kit amidst the Victorian Gothic surrounds… and the Kippax Brass Band. Och aye and Eeh bah gum.

It was a perfectly surreal evening interlude and after joining in an original rendition of a vaguely familiar carol Hark! The Herald Angels! Hark!, in which God and Singers were reconciled and where we Hailed the Sun of Righteousness (other programme typos were too excruciating to read), I began googling Kippax.

I just wasn’t quite sure where it lay in terms of Leeds metropolitan territory and I was interested in finding out a bit more about a place which sounds like a story character in a children’s picture book.

I wasn’t disappointed when I finally hit the wiki entry. Well, I was to the extent I had had to tell off 21 and 19 year old daughters minutes earlier for giggling, and now I found myself in uncontrollable hysterics amidst the Gothick carvings.

No prizes for guessing where I’ll be heading in the New Year.




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