Preparing for @theotherartfair

Getting ready for any show/exhibition/fair involves a lot of stuff you wouldn’t imagine. I thought I should share my three-day to do list for TOAF April 2014 taking place in London this weekend.

1. Arrive back from trip abroad with three days to go before set-up, of which at least one day is spent driving down to and back from Oxford transporting student and attendant rubbish all whilst suffering from dire bug/infection/illness

2. Drive to kennels (hour round trip) ostensibly to collect dog after trip abroad but in reality to request kennels to keep dog for another week as a result of 1. Oxford and 2. London trip

3. Drive back to kennels two days later to deliver special raw food diet that spoilt princess dog needs

4. Drive to local gallery (one hour round trip) to collect artwork from previous show.

5. Drive to another local gallery (one hour round trip) to collect work for show

6. Pay bills mounting up after trip abroad

7. Visit Homebase to buy picture hanging fixings and tape and glue

8. Visit Claas Olsen to buy picture hanging fixings and tape and glue

9. Visit The Home Emporium to buy picture hanging fixings and tape and glue

10. Check whereabouts of Youngest Daughter given cosmic clash of commitments meaning Himself also in London during my absence.

11. Liaise with kind friend hosting Youngest Daughter and set up three-way communication system to compensate for insouciance of teenagers regarding overnight arrangements

12. Remember all the social media publicity that’s supposed to be happening, remember how ill I feel and decide the priority is to get well for show so forget social media to-do list

13. Fail to unpack large case after trip abroad

14. Fail to unpack hand luggage after trip abroad but decide it can be usefully recycled in view of lack of time

15. Fail to transfer only valid debit card I possess to the only bag I have which can be slung across my shoulders for four days of manning a stand

16. Go shopping to Claas Olsen for some last minute picture hanging fixings and other unnecessary necessaries and fail to remember I forgot to transfer debit card to new bag

17. Fail to wash up for three days

At least the art was done before I went away.

The Other Art Fair takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week at Ambika on the Marylebone Road. It’s worth going to! I’m on stand 15…


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