Moderates Unite


Life has a funny way of moving forward. It’s been six months since I posted: me, a regular and committed blogger for over four years.

In the summer of 2014, I was left with a sense of unease about society and my place within. I felt unable to identify with so much I was reading and hearing. I identified a sense of overwhelm and hopelessness. I could not sort through my feelings in any way that might make sense. I recognised as many people do that I had more in common with moderates and freethinkers from any cultural or religious background than I necessarily had with people from my own culture or religion. I ended my post with the question of how do you protest nuance?

Now I realise the question was: when will the silent majority united by tolerance for difference of opinion and an overriding love for our common humanity take to the streets?

The follow up and answer to my last post is today. A million people taking to the streets in Paris, including 40 world leaders, including the Palestinian president and the Israeli prime minister.

It’s surreal. I’m sitting watching the scenes on the Place de la République in Paris with awe and not a little envy.

THIS is a march I would have gone on. THIS is the voice of humanity. The voice of tolerance and freedom is unambiguous, and there is no place for nuance here.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Let it always prevail.

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