Experiments and daily fail

Another day, another set of experiments and another day of unresolved issues. Of course, in my head, I’ve resolved all the problems in half a dozen different ways. 

Running out of time now for the end of the week, I attempted to trial all solutions on the same experimental panel. 

Foolish foolish. 

So many different variants of spray v brush, gilding v spray, opaque v transparent paint and now I have a work of confusion with myriad small passages of potential value but no coherent answer. The actual pieces with the detail done but otherwise empty remain propped up against the walls of my studio, glaring at me in their white glossy vastness and it’s really tempting to just throw something at them. 

But I’m not going to do that just yet. The answer lies somewhere in the experiments. I’ve taken loads of photos, I’m now away for a day and a half, and between now and Wednesday with distance (quite literally) a plan will be formulated all ready for me to forget as soon as I enter the studio again. 

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