Absurd Reporting

The View as Metaphor

The View as Metaphor

Gillian Holding will publish a major blog post today.

In it, she will write about the deep and meaningful manner in which we all need to read and hear news items these days. Sitting under the blue skies of a balmy March day bathed in hot sunshine commanded in the manner of a Genesis sequel, she will joyfully (yet seriously) explain how it is that red may be green, and purple is yellow. She will reassure her eager audience that contradiction no longer exists, and that absurdity is yesterday’s man.

She will present an in-depth and significant outline of how to maintain two conflicting beliefs as independent realities at all times of the day and night, because life is but a dream-like state subject merely to force of will.

She will make it very clear that lack of time to read the blog in depth is not a problem. In fact, what she has to write will be so trivial, superficial and tedious that eager commentators can fortunately take everything they need from this helpful Pravda advance press release and need look no further.

If they don’t have time for that, there’s always the option of reporting on the weather, and telling us the story of what we have experienced.

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